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Minister L-ma King, raised in sweet home Alabama. She grew up in New York, and now resides in Kissimmee, Fl. L-ma King has two sets of families. She is the 5th child of 14 children born on her mother side, her father and step-mother also have 14 children. She doesn’t have a long history of singing. Her singing started when she was alone surrounded by nature.

Because of a severe speech problem, she spent a lot of time alone. It was during one of these times in the hills that she realized that she could sing without any problem. L-ma King started to look forward to being alone so she could sing to the top of her voice. There were never any voice lessons, and she never sang in a choir. When one of her teachers in grade school found out that she could sing, he would often asked her to sing in class. In high school, she would sing on special occasions. After high school, the singing stopped.

I relocated to long Island, New York. It was there that I married my high school sweetheart, and moved to Queens, New York. Many years of my life was spent in the New York area. In February 1993 I relocated to Birmingham , Alabama. My thirty year marriage ended in a very long and painful divorce four years after the move to Birmingham, Alabama. I spent about eleven years alone. I kept myself busy working at St. Vincent’s Hospital as an RN, and minding my own business at n2 Reality.

It was January 18, 2004 that I wrote my first song. This song was written for my sister Janie Mikele Stewart for her birthday. On April 9, 2005, a beautiful wedding took place, and it happen to be my own. A wedding took place for Rev. Jeddie King and Elma King. Many co-workers from my job heard me sing for the first time to my new husband at our wedding. My husband said that I know that you can sing, and this is what I want you to do. After relocating to Kissimmee, Florida; my husband’s hometown, I joined the America Clergy Leadership Conference.(ACLC).

Little did I know that this would be the beginning of my singing career. 2005 I sang in a conference in the Bahamas, after much encouragement from my husband and his friend Rev. Levy Daugherty. Rev. Daugherty pulled me out of my seat. I want you to sing while we work on the power point, “we don’t know what shyness is around here” he said. From that point on, I was singing in our prayer Breakfasts, and workshops. Pastors from other churches would invite me to sing at their churches, and I received my on the job training from places like these.

I would sing the songs of other artists, until God started to give me my own songs in 2007 In 2008, God poured His songs into me, and I started to work on my first CD. It was after we attended Pastor James Palmers Church that I came home with a sense of urgency. Without knowing it, this pastor Palmer had prayed for me and told me that God wanted me to do a CD. 2009 I released my first CD, God’s Blessings, songs for the now. God had already made a way for my CD to be announced , and that person was Bishop B. G. Shearrill in Montgomery, Alabama. He played my song for the first time on WAPZ 1250 AM an internet radio station.

Bishop Shearrill took my CD to the www.raymanningsingers.com an internet Broadcasting radio station in Kansas City, Mo. My CD has been burning up the air ways since that time. L-ma King is the author of several books: “While You Were Sleeping”, “What You Don’t Know Could Hurt You”, and her most recent book: “Whispered Words” Songs My Father Whispered to Me. These whispered words tells you about the songs on the newly released CD, God’s Blessings. L-ma King a singer, and a song writer made her debut on God’s Day Celebration January 1, 2010 in Jacksonville, Fl.

The CD was well received. Many compared her writes. You can learn a lot about her through the songs that she writes, because they are like pages taken from the book of her real life story. My songs tell us what our living God is saying RIGHT NOW. L-ma King is an assistant Minister at The Interfaith Community Church, where she works with her husband Rev. Jeddie C. king. We are members of the American Clergy Leadership Conference (ACLC) Elijah Generation 7000 . The ACLC is uniquely positioned to strengthen marriage and family in the churches, and build bridges of love between ALL faiths. We are committed to unify the body of Christ.

Our purpose also is to dissolve barriers of race, gender, ethnicity and faith by practicing Jesus’ teachings of love. When Jesus said: those with eyes, let them see, He was talking about our spiritual eyes. You will find us at a prayer breakfast in every state in these United States, as we work hard on being true to our name “UNITED STATES”. Together we can chase away the darkness from our families, our communities, the nation and the world by letting the love of God brightly shine. Creating “ONE FAMILY UNDER GOD” John 17:21 Jesus prayed that we would all be one, as He and the Father are ONE. Our God is a spirit, and we must worship Him in spirit and in truth.

Throughout history we can see that God has used our physical bodies to carry out His will in the earth. I am blessed among many to be a vessel that He has called, and has also chosen to bring not only the “Good News”, but the “BREAKING NEWS” to the world through His songs of the coming of our Lord. There’s a reason why the Battle Hymn of The Republic is number one on the CD. His Truth is marching on through His songs that are written by Him through me. The most fundamental principal of the universe centering on God, is that life is sustained though a process of giving and receiving ASK and we shall receive. Seek and we shall find. Asking and receiving are action words, requiring us to do something in order to receive or find.

Minister King also serves on a monthly workshop team. In this workshop we use the Exposition of the Principal which is the KEY, that unlocks the Bible, the LOCK that is written in parables and symbols; hidden meanings and figurative language. Many times it is not meant to be taken literal. Jesus said in John 16:25… the TIME is coming when I shall no longer speak to you in figurative language, but will tell you PLAINLY of the Father. Brothers and sisters that “TIME Is Now”, as God has already started His timetable. The clock is counting down even to the very second of January 13, 2013. IN Plain language “He’s Here”. True Parents, The Second Advent of The Messiah is here!! You can order God’s Blessings Songs for the Now, and Now is the Time CDs here at http://tellingplainlyofthefather.com/

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