In all things be grateful- Part one

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June 23, 2020 – Rev. King received a certificate for completion of 8 weeks treatments. (five days per week).

It has been a difficult journey, but of all of the nights that we could not sleep, and all of the very long days that we worked until we passed out on the sofa, we knew that we were doing the works of heaven.

My husband and I were blessed to have a very loving Dr. Sand (I’ll call her) take care of us. We got off on a good start, but very early our communication skills broke down. A second time, I heard that I didn’t have to accompany my husband for his treatments. She totally ignored my presence in the room with my husband. After several times of witnessing this, it became unbearable. However, after finding out why she displayed such behavior, I wanted to fall on my knees in front of her, and hold on to her in tears. The male patients didn’t want her to recognize their wives at all. I knew she was a good candidate for True Mother’s book. The next time we met, I gave True Mother’s book as a present to the nurse, as well as her. When the Dr. opened her gift and saw the name” Mother of Peace”, she wanted to go in every office and hold it up to the staff without even opening it. Her face was lit up like the sun!! I know all too well how hard it is to be a business woman in a male dominated world. Many women carry this very deep pain. I thank God for True Parents who comes to bring us the true essence of God (male, and female). From that day we were closer than ever. The Dr. had not witness a loving couple like my husband and me. While other males had a problem with their wives being included in their care, my husband was so graceful for me being right by his side every day, and he told me this in tears. I always told him that I wouldn’t dream of being anywhere else. In fact, if they didn’t call me in, my husband would come and get me. He told them of how he cooks for me.

We changed many things in the cancer center during our time there. The TV that played episodes of a Criminal mind over, and over was changes to an up-date on current events; a sign was finally posted on the front door for all to wear their masks. We witnessed to several peoples, and gave out five of True Mother’s books to the staff that took care of us. Doctor Sand, I will call her, and the staff gave us a beautiful certificate on our last day, June 23, 2020. We gave the doctor and nurse, our framed heavenly parents family flags for their homes, as well as 16 pages of education on “ The God of number Three”, Our three Lives”, and “What’s Going on?”. They know that the Messiah is here right now!! I wore a T-shirt: “Peace starts with me”. The Dr. said, after looking at the words: we need copies of those. Little did she know that I listen when she speak. So I will order two T-shirts for her and the nurse, and bring her the website for her to order more.

We have given out all 43 of True Mother’s autobiographies, and we are now working on the second order of 43, plus two extra copies for our couple. We keep copies of her books on hand in the car, because the mother of the universe is on this earth with us now!! This makes us the greatest John the Baptist of all times, or the least. Which one will you be? Heavenly elma- 6-27-2020

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